September 7, 2012
By Manje GOLD, Kennesaw, Georgia
Manje GOLD, Kennesaw, Georgia
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It's a bright and sunny day,
With me and you feeling happy in any way.
I look at you,
You look at me,
Your happiness radiates as far as the sea,
Your smile can bring the softness in me.

Just me and you,
No one else knows where we are, it's true,
The smell of sea salt,
The flourish of palm trees,
Your smiles are killer, it makes my heart comes to a halt.

I'm stranded but I see you,
Your eyes give me a stare,
you hug me so tightly, we're stranded, we can't go anywhere.
Seagulls walking on the sand, some are flying,
With you, I don't care that we're stranded and on the verge of dying,
As long as we're together, leaving, it's not worth trying.

Your make me a necklace of seashells,
I put it on, your smile radiates, I can tell.
I give you a pearl,
Hugging me, we fall on the sand,
Then it starts to rain, we stare at each other,
We know this is bad.

More days past by,
It's no more sunny, it's only cloudy skies,
Then the tornado comes by so fast,
I hear her screams,
I see her face for the last time,
Then the tornado separates us, this happiness didn't last,
Then all my nightmares come up into a fear,
I wake up, wondering if she's still here,
I look arournd and and my eyes start to tear,
Everything I got was handed,
Now I'm all alone, stranded.

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