Compare and Contrast

September 6, 2012
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Empty caves,
Unused tunnels,
Nothing seems right.
It's all so dark,
Lifeless and cold

The blue skies,
All the trees.
The sounds of life.
Out here, it's bright

So much contrast.

Outside is bright,
Inside is dark,
Two points are made.
We can see those.
But what we don't see,
Now that's what counts.

Like stars,
On a cloudy night,
Or hidden behind,
Our bright blue sky
So are our emotions.
We know they are there,
Yet we refuse to see.

We refuse to see,
What will hurt others,
Until it already has,
The words we say,
Can't be taken back,
Because they have
Already walked away.

Why be dark and cold,
As caves and tunnels are?
Can't you instead,
Be like the outside,
That's bright, full of life?

Why use anger?
Try love instead.
And in place of,
You'll have

No one has to live,
In mental pain.
Everyone deserves,
A better life.
Help those without,
To gain it.

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