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Walking Against The Waves

September 3, 2012
By Anonymous

That feeling you get
when you push through a throng of people
going in the opposite direction that you are.
almost as if you’re chasing a rainbow,

it seems the closer you come the farther you get.

Trudging through water
it tries to knock me off my feet
so i take baby steps
my entire being is intent on my destination
my goal.

people jeer and boo
‘you can’t fight the current!
its too strong,’
but I am stronger.

I grab onto rocks to steady myself
but they can’t remain by me forever
and soon they’re drifting away,
and I am alone.

Sometimes the force is too strong
and I’m knocked off my feet
gazing from the ground
at the harsh white light of the sun.

I may fall, but I do not fail
because I pull myself up
and carry on.
but growing stronger.

just when you think you’ve reached your highest rung
life throws another obstacle.
A waterfall.
and in those times I think of all the ones
I’d be letting down if I were to quit now,
especially myself.

So I look up with a gleam in my eye,
and say- ‘what else ya got?’
and jump into the unknown.

After all, an airplane takes off against the wind-
not with it.


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