The little girl and the teddy bear

September 2, 2012
By Alex-is.L BRONZE, Stockholm, Other
Alex-is.L BRONZE, Stockholm, Other
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Once there was a lonely teddy bear lying on the street
His owner was a young girl who had moved far, far away
The girl’s father was really mean, he threw out her bed, her teddy bear and even her sheets
The little girl was sad begged her father to let them stay, he said only nay
Nay, nay a thousand times
You are too old for teddy bears and nursery rhymes
You need to grow up and be a big girl
There is no use for anymore babying in this world
Life is hard and people are mean
To keep you safe your father has to come clean
There is no Santa, tooth fairy or monsters under the bed
Life is not a fairytale, tears will be shed
Father needed to show you this so you could grow up strong
Father never thought his method might be wrong
I still want my teddy bear the little girl cried
She didn’t have much hope left but she had to try
A teddy bear only, I’ll grant you that
Her father said and the teddy bear was brought home
After lying on the street so long, it looked more like a bat
The girl was just happy she didn’t need to make do with a scary garden gnome
Her father might have been right but even so
The little girl just couldn’t let her friend the teddy bear go
Children need to play and have lots of fun
Dreaming, playing, drinking lemonade and eating cinnamon buns
There will be enough time in their lives to worry so that is why
When the children are young we mustn’t make them cry
Even if it means we adults have to tell a white lie
Like Santa isn’t the neighbor and the penny comes from the tooth fairy
If they misbehave out from underneath their beds will come a monster really hairy
So let your children be children with their might
Enjoy the moments when they come to you crying in the middle of the night
Soon they’ll grow up and have children of their own
And you’ll miss them more then you ever would've known

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