A Tragic Love Story

September 4, 2012
By XxXNightdreamerXxX BRONZE, Des Moines, Iowa
XxXNightdreamerXxX BRONZE, Des Moines, Iowa
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A sleepless night
Before you came around
A nightmare filled dream
Of a bitter unhappy life
One I had became so accustomed to

I saw your face for the first time
You amused me in a way that was new
I respected what you had said
It was a new first for me

I came to your house
Seeking attention from an older brother
Meaning to find hope in a friend
But what I got instead was totally unexpected

Before too long it seemed like we were inseparable
Hanging on to each others last word
Everyone seemed to have foreseen what was to come
And we were called a pair
We couldn't have been one without the other

It finally happened as I made my confession
I fell in love with who I had thought to be a stranger
Someone I couldn't have been expecting
But I was ecstatic to just find out you felt the same
It was more than what was first thought
I wasn't alone

We had everything
Every kiss was magic
Even when what I told you had been tragic
You understood and took my hand
I finally felt alive and well
Happy and safe

Your arms were like a haven
A shelter I felt alone without
And eventually we took things on a new level
One I was scared to walk
But things were alright
And I fell asleep blissfully
Carelessly falling more

I found out something
I really wish I hadn't
A tale of a love
I thought I had been living
Torn to bits and thrown away
This night would be the last time
We could both see each other
Without the tears
We were both bound to shed

It shot right through me
This sudden pain
Guilt, regret ached in my chest
Everything was so perfect
Wasn't it enough?
I fell too hard and too fast
You were overwhelmed
And taken over
A monster I created
You were too young
To know a love this strong

I still love you
And when I know I should sleep
I think of everything we had gone through
And everything we face
Do you still love me?
Do you still care?
I think you do.
This is a tragic love story
One of my best
One I know you can't forget

Just remember I still need you
And wish we could be what we were
Even if you were scared or lonely
I can be your friend
Someone to take away your darkness
Like you did mine
This wasn't easy
But it wasn't hard
This love of mine.
Just a line
In this tragic love story

The author's comments:
About falling in love with someone you didn't expect, then losing it all in the end.. even when everything had seemed so perfect.

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