My First Grade Teacher

September 2, 2012
I received a letter in the mail,
The address was of my first grade teacher,
Taken by surprise, I opened it quickly,
And found a card teeming with love.

Reading the card, I laughed and I remembered,
I appreciated the time she spent into this,
And yet I put it aside,
Telling myself I would reply tomorrow.

Time does fly ever so quickly,
By the time I recalled her letter,
It was far too late,
So I shrugged it off, and soon forgot.

Four years later,
I receive a letter in the mail from the same teacher,
Remembering the joy in the previous card,
I opened the card with anticipation.

I saw a words overflowing with happiness,
And I told myself I would reply later today,
Yet the clock did not stop,
Again I forgot.

A year later, I found her address,
So I sent a card in the mail,
And received a reply from another hand,
Explaining the sorrow death of my first grade teacher.

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