California Road Trip

September 2, 2012
By Moniyka.Sachar GOLD, Fremont, California
Moniyka.Sachar GOLD, Fremont, California
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I awaken and shut my alarm before it intrudes
Wanting desperately to fall into the arms of bed
But I arise with responsibility resting on my shoulders

Soon we are driving, my family and I
My sister and I sing along with the radio
But she falls asleep and I turn it off
Waiting for sleep to take me off my feet

Yet when I open my eyes, I am still in the car
Finally, I concede to morning and stare outside

The sky is still dark in the spirit of genuine dawn
Fog settles in crevices and the moon follows me
Windmills atop rolling hills spin in the pink sky
Beyond the hills rest flat, empty lands forgotten
A desolate, shady scene soon stares back at me

Suddenly, the piercing sun hits my hair
And the curvy road ahead is illuminated
Soon, we cruise through rural doldrums
Cows litter the fresh grass on my left
Marsh birds hunt for fish on my right

When passing the stables we try to stop
To witness the beauty of majestic horses
Then we drive through fields of corn
Every plant perfectly placed in lines

Finally we pause, to find something to eat
My sister gleams as she sees a sign out front
Fresh Strawberries, 25 cents each it reads
We take a bundle and relish the sweet nectar

Soon it grows hot, unbearably scorching
We concede to the devices of modern times
Turning on AC and shading windows in the car
The windows to the essence of California life
And driving, just driving, till we get there.

The author's comments:
This poem illustrates the sights of virtually any California road trip. I witnessed this latent beauty from the window of a car, sitting in the back seat.

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