Along This Road...

September 2, 2012
I'll admit.

Somewhere along this road,

You may find love.

And somewhere along the line,

You might move on...

But I have to tell you something.

If you get to that part in the road

Where you don't need me,

Don't you dare forget me.

And if you get to that point on the line

Where you don't see me,

Don't you dare say we never mattered.

Because it doesn't matter

How far I go,

Or how long I walk,

Or how tired and restless I get from running...

No matter how far away from you I get,

Even if it means that you move on,

And find someone else...

Or if you never do, and you hate me,

Even if you lose faith in us and what we used to be

And you decide its not worth keeping...

And even if I'm crippled and broken,

My limbs ground down and bloody from searching,

My hair falling out from the stress of losing,

My heart and eyes weakened from the strain of not seeing you,

And my mind is diseased from the times I almost forgot...

Even if somewhere along this road, the ocean separates us,

Or our planets don't re-align,

Or the mountains won't move,

I promise you that

Even if the roads we take

Never merge again in the furture,

And even if I have to take the trail less traveled...

I will never stop trying to find my way back to you.

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