In time

August 28, 2012
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Time will bring so many wonderful things
You may have to wait days, months, maybe even years
In time you’ll receive plenty of opportunities
to shine…
People may say you’re nothing in life
In time they’ll see you’re one
of a kind…
Tears start to roll down your cheeks
In time you’ll see your goals
Become easier to reach…
You’ve been put down over and over and over again
Seems like it’ll never come to an end
in time you’ll see you’re something special
You stay on everyone’s mind they think about you
All the time…
You feel as if no one cares
They treat you so badly
They point and they stare
In time you’ll learn to not even care…
The hateful things they say start to fade away
You put your head down ashamed of who you are
In time you’ll realize it was you
Looking at yourself in the mirror
The whole time…
Putting yourself down
Making yourself believe you are not beautiful
Little do you know you’re the one everyone envies
They make you their enemy
Didn’t you know that in time you would receive
Your time
to shine…
You’re something in life
You’re one of a kind
You’ve reached your goals
Haven’t been put down
You’re something special
Everyone cares
They don’t point
They never stare
Now girl you know you do care
Lift your head up
Look me in my eyes so I can say
I told you your time would come and you would shine
Now stop this non-sense you’ve been lying to yourself the whole time...
In time you’ll learn you should have listened
to me your conscience the whole time…

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