On The True Note

August 26, 2012
By Brenda_Cabrera BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Brenda_Cabrera BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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"Just keep swimming" ' haters will always be hating doesnt mean you have to waste your time on them

Guys come and go. Some more than others you try to find the right one when you still a kid when you should be focused on being a kid! He'll come when he does. It won't be in a week a day a month or even year. If they play you once same on them, let them play/fool you twice know shame on you. Left looking like a fool. psh better to leave them in the past. Live your life while you ain't got no worries. As they say YOLO! Just know how to live not how to waste time screw up and say YOLO to cover it. YOLO on some real stuff after you or during the process of moving towards your goal!

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