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August 26, 2012
By BriJacobs GOLD, Demarest, New Jersey
BriJacobs GOLD, Demarest, New Jersey
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"Take your risks now, as you grow older you become more fearful and less flexible." -Amy Poehler

He’s the quiet one,
The one people choose to ignore but I can’t seem to get enough of
He’s the sophisticated one
The one who acts twice his age but is really just a child inside
He’s the guarded one,
The one who has locks and chains around his fortress but lets me break down his walls
He’s the talented one,
The one who can glide down a ski slope like he’s floating but actually has two left feet
He’s the brilliant one,
The one who can write a symphony of words but fumbles on them when he opens his mouth
He’s the sympathetic one,
The one who pretends to know what I’m going through but probably gets a headache just listening
He’s the comical one,
The one who can make everyone laugh by just opening his mouth but always knows when to stop joking
He’s the handsome one,
The one with blue eyes that hold untold secrets of the past but with the cute, crooked boyish smile of the future
He’s the lovable one,
The one who loves too much but is still loved
He’s brave one,
The one who will put his life on the line for another but will protect himself from the fear of losing someone
He’s the forgiving one,
The one who will forget even the darkest deed but will always hold his ground
He’s the honest one,
The true one,
The only one for me…
Too bad he’s imaginary.

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