August 25, 2012
By LIBgurl SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
LIBgurl SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
Love is blind, dont waste your time running after someone

Tear keep falling
everyday it seen
y is that?
Telling myself that its okay
That I'm done
But the fact that tears fall
Whenever your wrong
Your silent is like a mystery
The texts you sent are memory
Y not speak to me?
But wait is it me?
Are you ashamed?
I'm confused
Hurt and feel use
People keep mentioning your name
My heart cant deal with this game
My heart search for you
Every time we in the room
You notice?
Remember when i say i hate you
Well i lie
A big fat lie
In fact i love you
Madly in love
You know how i know
Its just how when you stop speaking
My heart kept beating
I couldn't have felt any differently
Baby just speak to me
And you will see

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