Who can you really trust ?

August 24, 2012
By DoyinAdeyemi SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
DoyinAdeyemi SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
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What do you do when society tells you one thing,
But you tell yourself another?
We live in a generation where we're judged by our looks,
Our thoughts, our ideas, our lifestyle,
Basically judged for who we are and what we believe in,
Everyone has their thoughts and beliefs,
The question is how sure are you yours is the right one ,
We live in a generation where those who tell you "I got your back",
turn around and back stab you the minute they get the chance.
Who is really your fiend in this cold world?
Who can you really trust when everything goes wrong?
Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?
Who really loves you for who you are?,
and who just loves what you have?
You see the disparity between a what's real and what's fake,
isn't so clear anymore.
Humans fail to understand each other.
Will things change today?
Or will the next generation suffer the consequences for our mistakes?
Is the whole world just a mirage?
Or is it factual?
What's better, a dogmatic or a pragmatic mind?
Questions are being asked,
But the big question is,
Can the be answered?
You tell me.

The author's comments:
Sometimes i sit and think about what has become of the humans in this world and what is becoming of the generation and i wonder if there's ever going to be a solution.

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