My Name is Naivete

August 23, 2012
By XflyXaway95 SILVER, Neptune Township, New Jersey
XflyXaway95 SILVER, Neptune Township, New Jersey
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"I was taught that a successful life was a happy one. When my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I told her I wanted to be happy. She said I didn't understand the question. I said she didn't understand life."

My name is Naïveté

So young, so trusting

So willing to love

How beautiful are her eyes

When those wet drip drops aren’t filling them up

What are they?

Cold glass in warm flesh

Stop crying, my love

You’re only ruining your beauty

My name is Naïveté

So keen, so knowing

So analytical toward all things around me

I love to watch her soul

Through those big, brown windows

But those pearls

Those moist spheres cloud my view

Stop crying, my love

I can’t take in your essence

My name is Naïveté

A little aged, realistic

I can see right through your lying ways

The truth in your eyes sparkle

Like the ball of white, hot gas in that nursery rhyme

But you extinguish that star

With salty seas

Stop crying, my love

I want to see that twinkle

My name is Naïveté

So truthful, understanding

I may not hold the worth

Of my celestial brothers

But I still see you’re tearing eyes

Those wet drip drops

Those moist pearls

Those salty seas

And like them

I ask you to

Stop crying, my love

Tears aren’t worthy of your cheeks

Vent to me your pain

Tell me your worries

So I may cease those salty streams

Because the pain of your tears

Isn’t nearly as great as the pain of watching you cry

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