My Icy Getaway

August 23, 2012
By Anonymous

The icy wind numbing my body,
the refreshing gust through my hair.
My fingers turning purple,
my face turning red.
Hearing the wind whisper in my ear,
"keep going, keep going"
Nearing the freezing point,
nearing the end.
My lips are now blue,
my body numb.
But i still push on,
"Faster, Faster, It's just a little cold" the wind whispers in my ear.
My legs want to give up, but my mind wont let them.
Sweat begins to run down my face,
"you can do it" i begin to tell myself.
A little farther, then I'm done.
Then my legs give,
i feel my face hitting the ice,
feeling every inch of pain through my body.
Skidding across the ice,
Ice digging into my skin.
Laying there in the ice,
feeling even more numb.
Finally getting the strength to get up.
Starting to walk home,
blood dripping on the ice.
To numb to feel the pain.
To numb to feel the cold.
I just wanted the voices to stop.
Just wanted to pain to go away.
Instead the voices are still here.
The pain just got worse.
People say i got what i deserved,
they call me crazy.
but i needed to get away,
running was the only way.
That's the story of My Icy Getaway.

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