"Bonafide Bow"

August 13, 2012
By lissa_ GOLD, Salt Lake City, Utah
lissa_ GOLD, Salt Lake City, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything."- Suckerpunch
"The purpose of life is to be a better version of yourself."- Lucy Hale

I dream of a place far away from all distractions.
A place where music is the only business, and men and women get lost in work.
A place where school consists of expressing and shaping your thoughts and ideals to the world, and every child has a beneficial, yet unconformable dream.

Where there’s no pollution or electricity.
Girls only wear makeup on special occasions, and there’s no such thing as artificial products.
We take what the earth offers, and nothing more.

The city lights are represented by the clearly conspicuous stars.
There’s no smoking or drugs.
The atmosphere alone leaves you drunk, and the clear, crisp air gives you a high.

There is a place I dream of, far away, where everyone lives each passing minutes like their last.
Insecurities are accepted, fear is rejected.
Anger is shoved aside, judgment is forgotten.

And society never takes without giving; because we’re living…
Not the mean way,
The one with a purpose, for a green day.

There’s no fear in the air.
My dear, you’re no longer filled with a dare.
You’re bona fide.
There’s no picking sides.

It may seem perfect- on the surface.
Boring even.
But they all have their own styles-
And they all learn from each other’s believes.

There are no planes that cause them to miss the journey.
No one cares about the destination anymore.

It seems difficult.
And it is.
It’s learning to love yourself,
And letting others love you.

But hey,
It’s a dream.
And in my dream,
It’s a new world now.

~So, God, take a bow.~

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