Strolls through central park

August 18, 2012
By EleazarA BRONZE, Queens, New York
EleazarA BRONZE, Queens, New York
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A Yankees cap rest atop an old man’s head, peering down as tired fingers flip through black and grey newsprint.
Towering buildings tuck themselves between oak trees while some squat and gaze down.
Traffic snarls in the distance and a symphony of car horns and profanities erupts.
Whiffs of smoked out cigarettes, roasting hot dogs, stale urine and fresh pretzels, intertwine and fill the air.
The pleas for spare change coupled with the jingles of coins grow louder with each step.
Leaves rustle as crowds scurry by, brushing against bushes and fallen shrubs
Cameras click, flash, zoom and snap-capturing the entire city through Nikon lenses.

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