The Drawing of the One to Love

August 17, 2012
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I pulled a line down,
Straight through the middle of the sheet.
It was a dark, calculated mark
Grainy and tough with smeared coal
I turned the sheet 45 degrees
To the left
Pulled a lighter line down the middle
Of the bottom half of the horizontal sheet
Left a few random shades
And pulled my hands across the lines
Smudging and lightening their appearances.
A circle, a triangle, an oblique sphere
Fast tiny dots
Fast little dashes
Intricate ovals with pointed tips
Tinier little circles within...
Ten little rectangles
Ten tiny squares

And out of all this chaos
Destruction and construction
All I see is your beautiful
Sleeping face
The way it looked beside me
Ever so long ago...

All I see is you
Darling dearest of my heart
And the way I saw you whilst we were young...

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