What power does a pen have?

August 17, 2012
What power does a pen have?

Does it give your words a unique spark?

Does it give your writing flavor?

What difference does it make if you write with a fine tip pen, keyboard, or stick?

Words are words!

J.K. Rowling’s pen did not create the miraculous world of witch craft and wizardry.

The flawless details of the Land of Oz were not created by a pen.

Nor was the kindred spirit of Anne of Green Gables created by a pen.

It is you,

Your brain cells

Your heart

Experiences, dreams, nightmares

That shape who we are and our writing.

It is silly to think

That a pen with ink could create a masterpiece.

So the next time you have writers block

Don’t look at your pen

Search your mind

Then your creative juices will seep

Onto that paper.

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