How could you?

August 16, 2012
By Anonymous

what happened?
what happened to us?
you told me you loved me
i didn't do anything to you.
you came and tore my heart away.
what's your problem?
why was i so easily attracted to you?
you are a monsterr.

I can't stop thinking about you though.
the good times we shared.
us taking a walks through the park,
when you won that big stuffed animal for me at the fair.

but i will never forget that night you hit me,
left a huge bruise on my face.
i was scared.
I'm scared now.
you were always abusive.
i never knew it until now.
i need help.
but i have no one to go to.

just the other day i lost my best friend.
oh my gosh!
what should i do?

why did we have to fight about how mad i was you ditched me at the mall that day, how you ignored me
it's my fault...

no it's not,
it's yours.
I hate you for that night.
bye you horrible monster.
your not going to get away with this.

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