August 15, 2012
He Saw Her From Afar,
He Didn't Know What To Say.

She Saw Him Down The Bar,
She Decided To Go Say Hey.

He Didn't Know What To Do,
He Said His Name Was Bill.

She Called Herself Sue,
She Asked If She Can Call Him Will.

He Said That It Was Fine,
He Talked A Bit More.

She Told Him You Are Mine,
She Then Fell To The Floor.

He Tried To Save Her,
But It Was Already Too Late.

She Pulled Out Of Her Pocket,
A Note From Him.

On The Back Of A Photograph,
They Had Taken On The Day They Wed.

He Burst Into Tears,
He Realized His Fears.

He Didn't Know Who She Was,
But He Knew He Loved Her Dearly.

His Memories Return,
With The Photograph In Hand.

He Wished For Her Return,
But He Knew He Had To Live With It.

He Loved Her Until He Died,
And When He Died,

He Was Buried Next To Her,
To Be With Her Forever.

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AlaskanGirl15 said...
Sept. 14, 2012 at 12:47 am
This was so heart felt and touching! I think I may have teared up a little. :) 
FashionThief said...
Aug. 15, 2012 at 9:53 pm
hey, you should submit your poem under the contest section of the forums!  Under my contest 'POETRY CONTEST!!!'  you could win awards such as multiple rates and comments on your other articles!!   if you enter i will give on of your articles a rating! :) so please do!
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