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My Tree and I

August 14, 2012
By Mark Hibbins BRONZE, Renfrew, ON, Other
Mark Hibbins BRONZE, Renfrew, ON, Other
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By dusk, the day will take its toll
I unwind with my daily stroll
And every day my eyes behold
A tree, upon a mound.

I see his life how he would see
We keep eachother company
Together, just my tree and me
And noone else around.

We laugh and sing and dance and play
And quickly waste the sun away
And soon its light that lights the day
Is nowhere to be found.

And now it seems I cannot see
I’m stuck here, fading, with my tree
Embraced, my mind becomes the leaves
My soul becomes the ground.

The author's comments:
What I really love about what I've written is that the beauty of it is in its simplicity, and despite that, there are so many complex undertones that are up for interpretation. Take from it what you wish!

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