Dark Inside This Mind

August 14, 2012
By LivyNewhall DIAMOND, Palm Coast, Florida
LivyNewhall DIAMOND, Palm Coast, Florida
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Darkness is my sanctuary,
it's where I feel safe.
Nothing can hurt me there,
because I'm blind.
What I can't see,
can't touch me.
What I can't hear,
can't cut me.
What I can't feel,
won't weaken me.
Turn the light on,
and I'm vulnerable.
What I can see,
can touch me.
What I can hear,
can cut me.
What I can feel,
will weaken me.
Don't shine the light on me,
I don't want to be seen.

The author's comments:
I had turned the light off in my bedroom, and suddenly I just felt like I could relax. I didn't have to feel, touch, or see. Simply because I couldn't.

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