Out on the Inside

August 14, 2012
I’m out of words,
Before my pencil even touches the paper,
Before the ideas can flow through my mind,
Before I can think up the next line,
I’m out of words; speechless,
Then why am I still writing?

I’m out of breath,
Before I can utter a single word,
Before the grim reaper can take my life,
Before death can inhibit my body,
I’m out of breath; breathless,
Then why am I still breathing?

I’m out of love,
Before you could woe me with your words,
Before you and those like you could spoil me with riches,
Before I could think of what love really is,
I’m out of love; loveless,
Then why am I still loving?

I’m out of patience,
Waiting for miracles,
Waiting for problems to cease,
Waiting for everything to stop,
I’m out of patience; restless,
Then why am I still waiting?

I’m out of mind,
Before I can think,
Before I can understand my senses,
Before I even have a chance to be sane,
I’m out of mind; mindless,
Then why am I still thinking?

I’m out,
Be it of words or breathe,
Love, patience, or mind,
I’m out,
Of everything,
Things I do and do not know,
I’m out,
I’ve accepted it,
I believe it,
I’m out,
Then why, oh why,
Do I keep trying to get back in?

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