Winter Room

August 10, 2012
There was the time I forgot I had feet
Feet? I thought, what are they?
Toes are strange branches balancing bounces
Bounces that come from my knees and eyelashes
That act like guards to protect my fermenting eyeball from
Outwardly demons that cling, enchanted, to
Kidnap the inward dealings of my mobbed nerves
I can’t help it, though, I just don’t have feet
And so I sit contemplating eyelashes and eyebrows rising
And eyes that grow fuzzy as the night drags on
Tantalizing light bulbs and frozen toes I lost maybe
One night, in the snow and the rain and the frost that consumes
And freezes my eyelashes open so
I cannot think, cannot feel, cannot function without the
Feeling of the soft rug beneath my vanished toes
Vanished and varnished in a cacophony of red
As red as the inside of my eyelids when I cannot be bothered to see
Anything, anymore, forevermore

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