Duty And Sacrifice

August 10, 2012
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I look now
into the eyes of my children
my being cut open
as I choke back
the cry of anguish

Long has the innocence gone
they were now cold and stone
surrounded by a tangled mess
of their mind and soul

My words of love
and peace fall
on ears that don not
heed at all

"Stop!", I cried
"Blood will rain
drop your guns
or there will be pain"

"Triumph will follow the pain",
they said
"My heart will know
peace and love again"

"Is there no other way
than of blood and grief
is peace that hard
to achieve?"

"To breathe the air
of freedom is priceless
to stand on my motherland again
fills me with a joy boundless

No mother
they fail to listen reason
what is this
but a small price to pay
for the spring and summer
and times of gay?"

And so they marched
with their heads held high
with a picture in mind
that worthy of paradise

Proud as I was
of my children
and faces adorned
with a smile so pure
their thoughts
a mystery to me

Blood did rain
oh! there was pain
but the latter was true
and thus live Me and You

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