“Sob heavy world, sob as you spin.”

August 9, 2012
By Anonymous

The sobbing mirror stares with bloodshot eyes and furrowed brows.
Its heart beats
and palpitates
its soft knees collapse underneath it
and its pouty lips curl into a downward smile.

The mirror exudes a sickly gray light
gray beneath its eyes and collar bones.
Bruised skinny shins balance on gray carpet, bony toes
hang on, weave through the floor like summer toes in fresh grass.

Sweet sobbing mirror spells words on its surface
blood pools in stained, chewed fingernails
showing bones and waning dreams
reflection of bluing veins and touching knees.

The mirror’s face thins and thins
nose points at its red tip.
Cheekbones rise through its glass surface,
fingers grasp for wisps of hair falling to the ground.

The tight mouth reaches for breath;
shallow air trips away and away.
Shivers wrack cold metal
And tired legs give in.

The mirror falls, feet folded under hips under
spine under shoulder blades under collar bones
under watery eyes, and on the floor
shatters under its own lightness.

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