An Elegy For Grandfather

August 4, 2012
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I hear the heavy knoll of bells ringing in Death’s stead;

I see the puckered cry of Heaven greet the newly dead.
I touch my fragile metronome that threatens to shut down;
I feel your essence coursing through me as I move through the town.

I dream when I am waking, of parting skies and falling seas,
Of gray eyes molded into mirrors, staring back at me
The same eyes that looked upon me, sitting on your knee,
And declared that I was loved by you and would forever be.

What distance lies between us, so vast that it is unseen?
Are you the eternal shadow that like a phantom preens,
Dancing through my blind spots, moving like a silv’ry
Stream, present but never felt, cloaked with a silent sheen?

Your spirit has settled like a mist upon everything I feel
I was unaware one could survive being pierced by grief so real
Should I, perhaps, chance a knock on Death’s great iron door
And beg for a dance, a single glance, or just a moment more?

I know that I have lost you, and yet I won’t concede;
I cannot allow your face to fold into my distant memory
Because you shall not grow ancient, you can never die;
For I remain to live for you, and those shining silv’ry eyes.

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