never gonna love again

August 4, 2012
By , arcata, CA
lights go out all around me
stars disappear in the night
i look up searching for answers
but all i see is your face
smiling like nothing happened
how could you do this to me?
i let myself go, spin out of control
and now i must pay the price
i should've never let you in
i should of ran away instead
should've seen the danger in your eyes
don't know why I'm still surprised
i am worthless in your eyes
but i will not cry
i told you everything
gave you my heart
but you tore it apart
you looked so innocent, so safe
but you are a murderer with a hand grenade
i gave you everything
my love, my songs, my purity
but you threw it all away
so there's nothing left to say
I'm locking up my door
and never opening up again
thanks to you, i am afraid
you never really loved me
you never really cared
you used my insecurities
and my worries
to do what you wanted
you are strong, i am weak
i just wish i could've seen
who you really are
before i fell for you
i thought you'd catch me
but you let me fall to the ground
i cried more tears because of you
than i have for anyone lately
your just a big heartbreak</3
and i hate it because
I'm still not quite over you
but i know you are over me
so ill be over it eventually
i am naive, i know
and ill miss you
but i don't know why
and it will hurt, being alone
but time will fly
i will be free
and ill be just fine
it is all your fault
that I'm never gonna love again.
I'm never gonna love again.

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