August 9, 2012
We haven't met before, but i know that you are out there.
Somehow you do exist.
you see, you were made for me, we are like two halves to a puzzle. we just seem to fit.
Do you think of me as often as i think of you?
Do you hope that one day you will meet me as must as i yearn to see you?
We've never met before.. or have we.
I wont know until I'm older, neither will you.
how will one know when one meets their soul mate.
Do the eyes just connect by some mysterious force, pulling them together
atom by atom
molecule by molecule
When they touch does their skin burn with the sweetest of fires?
Can they feel the heat? does it feel like millions of pricks of a needle or more of a slow licking of sensations traveling up the point of connection?
Do the voices bounce around their skulls hypnotic vibrations sending them into a void where they see just each other?
Of these things i know not. All I know is you are out there and i am awaiting that day when we meet. You are perhaps the most important stranger i have yet to meet. For now i am content to dream and think of you. i can only hope you do the same. Stranger yet at the same time connected.

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