Ode to an Oak Tree

August 8, 2012
By Ken Pascal SILVER, New Canaan, Connecticut
Ken Pascal SILVER, New Canaan, Connecticut
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Structure of natural beauty and grace,
I could follow the contours of your branches
For an entire afternoon.

When summer comes in its glory,
You invite me outdoors.
I dine in the shade you provide me
That cools the earth like an early spring rain.
Crows groom themselves and caw out to the natural world
From your canopy.

You shall stand proudly and firmly,
Tall and mighty.
A natural strength running throughout your figure.
A guardian of the forest,
Spokesman of the lesser shrubbery
That thrive under your leadership.

Your full gallantry is not radiated
Until summer dexterously mystifies the world
As the procession of autumn commences.
You adorned your crest with lavish, luscious leaves
That fade into the surrounding scenery,
Displaying their striking rustic hues.

Your body is an ecosystem
As insects dwell within your firm torso
And squirrels scurry across your intricate limbs.
Crows nest within your awesome heights
And worms poke their heads through your fallen leaves
After an autumn drizzle.

The author's comments:
Poem about a tree in my yard

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