August 8, 2012
By BrittyGoesBanqq GOLD, Niles, Ohio
BrittyGoesBanqq GOLD, Niles, Ohio
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Everyone will judge you untill the day you die, it's your choice whether it affects you or not.

i may be smiling on the outside,
but on the inside,
I'm dying,
while every minute passes,

happiness is not a right,
its a privilege.
all these stories,
about happy endings all FAKE.
no one can ever live a life like that.
its all too unreal.

happy endings belong in fairytale books,
not in reality, ha, there's no such thing.

so i wipe the tears from my eyes.
suck it up,
and put a smile on,
i seem so strong at tI'mes,
but the truth is i am so weak.

happiness is not a right,
it is indeed a privilege

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