An Adrenaline Rush

July 29, 2012
By 3mun2 BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
3mun2 BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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An adrenaline rush,
We never talked much,
Considered a us,
It was nothing but lust,
But I just,
Assumed in you I could trust,
But like the rest you left me alone,
And again I'm on my own,
I would've done whatever it takes,
To keep us but you're claiming it’s that that you hate,
I'm trying to find strength,
Just show you the length,
My heart was willing to make,
But it was all worth the same,
You weren't willing to change,
You didn't want a boyfriend,
You wanted a mate,
Not someone to date,
Tears running down my face,
I'm pushing back and trying not to break,
It was all my mistake,
Six months,
You were all that I want,
I could've grabbed a knife,
And slit my wrists,
You still wouldn't accept to be my wife,
Clenching my fists,
I would sit there bleeding,
Wouldn't stop you from leaving,
Start having trouble breathing,
Your picture squeezing,
Clenched in my fingers,
Put it up to my heart,
And die,
You wouldn't even say goodbye,
The mistake I made was falling in love,
When all you wanted was to make love.

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