Teenage Scare

August 1, 2012
By Morgan-Seal SILVER, Midlothian, Virginia
Morgan-Seal SILVER, Midlothian, Virginia
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In a silent lonely room
A girl sits and waits
The walls bleak, the blinds drawn
Tension at its wake
She twiddles a piece of plastic
Then sets it on the dresser
Pacing, pacing, pacing
Nothing now can impress her
She smoothes her hair
Shivers run amuck,
Tension coils like a spring
Waiting, watching, hoping, coming
To unintentionally destroy everything,
The girl grinds her teeth
She clenches up her fists
She never could have imagined
That it would come down to this
She screams and cripples to the ground
Tears are streaming, heart is beating
Moon is beaming through the night
Trembling and full of emotion
Her expression shows a frightening sight
Quietly and somberly
Her boyfriend pulls her close
Embraces her and whispers that
This is what scares him the most
Timidly and anxiously she reaches for the plastic
The color now drains from her face
The answer less than fantastic
The little sign, pink and dreaded
Makes her want to die
Her boyfriend crumples, cripples to the floor
And all he can do is cry

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