What if........?

August 6, 2012
By , Patterson, CA
What if I never knew you,
What if I chose another path,
Another life,
It is never too late to start over,
Never too late to begin again,

What if one morning I woke-up and everything was gone,
What if you chose to die,
Even though I wanted you to live,
What if I never loved you,
Never got to know you,

Will I miss the life I chose,
Will I love the life I am destined to have,
When the end comes who will be there,
Who will be with me,
Who will care about me,
Who will comfort me in my time of need,

What if I never questioned anything,
Never cared enough,
Never got to know you,
Not of cared about what you had but whom you were,
Whom you are going to be,

I love how I will never know,
I will just have to wait and see,
I know I will love you and everything you will be as long as you're with me,
I cant let something I know I will regret just slip away.
I let you go, turned my back and missed out.
I think of what could of been and what still can be.
So forget the hurt,
The anger, lose all the pain.
Think about what should of been.
Try again, give it a chance.
Don't go please....
Tears come to my eye's as you walk back--

I cannot believe it but I am glad I asked what if...

Have you ever asked...
Because maybe you need to...
There's always a chance.

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