Utter Darkness

July 15, 2012
I'm staring down at the edge of the world,
Where the ground ceases to exist,
Where the darkness envelops me,
And sweeps me off my feet,
I try to oppose it,
But nothing will free me,
At one point,
I felt myself give in,
I've let myself drift away,
With the darkness leading me further,
I can see the edge of the world now,
As I drift farther away,
Maybe i felt a hand pull me back,
Back to the edge,
Where I'm embraced by my loved ones,
My feet finally touch the ground again,
Although the darkness still tugs at me,
Pleading me to drift off again,
But this time,
I wont give in,
Because I'm standing at the edge of the world,
Winning against my biggest opponent

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