A Soul Peering Through Two Jelly Like Spheres

July 15, 2012
By Anonymous

When I was very young,
Without actually realizing it,
I decided that the world,
is a much safer place,
when you travel through it,

Its much safer,
to learn to rely on yourself,
instead of someone else because,
you never know when they will turn,
and break your heart.

I learned that the most unpredictable thing,
is a kind person,
because underneath it all,
is a mean person waiting to come out,
when you least expect it.

I know this because,
I too,
have come face to face,
with this instinctual urge,
to push someone down,
in order to pull yourself up.

Its only after,
you face this monster,
stare it in the eye,
and strangle it to death,
that you will be triumphant.

Master of your own fate,
free to love,
free from fear,
free from death itself because,
you will finally know,
what it means to live.

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