July 28, 2012
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What is fear?
Fear is that thing,
that makes you flinch,
when you walk down a hallway alone.
It’s what hides under your bed,
that little thing called doubt.

It’s the chance that the answer is B not C,
the shakiness in your voice when you’re unsure,
what lingers in your thoughts before you fall asleep.

It’s the sweat in your palms,
the widening in your eyes.

It is constantly slithering around you.
It wraps itself around your body,
until it is wrapped around your neck.
That is when you start tugging at your collar.

Fear doesn’t have a face though,
there is no nose,
it can’t smell how much it reeks,
no eyes,
but it can can see everywhere.
However, it does have a mouth,
to whisper sweet nothings in your nightmares.
Whisper, whisper, whisper.

Can you feel it yet?
Its hot breath in your ear,
the pressure on your chest,
that feeling that’s never really gone.
It wants you.
It wants you.
It wants you.
Oh how it would love to have you.

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