how he loves us

July 23, 2012
By , atlantic city, NJ
and oh how he loves us all so
how he loves us, how he loves us all.....

but can i say the same about?
your look and your smartness to trick me and believe that one day or even one night we could look up into the sky and finally realize that we were meant to be together

but no...... its lie

my heart hurts with emptiness and i need someone that i can go to and hide... and i want YOU to be that person but

no...... its a lie


you can say over and over that you care for me but when i see you with her something " clicks "



im a full straight piece of paper......

then i crumble to a ball and your the person who comes to unfold me...... but then your actions begin to rip me apart...

see, im a delicate piece of machinery..... i can do what you ask of me, but when someone toils with my way of functioning..... im broken....

remember when YOU said that there was no turning back? there was NO WAY........ and remember when YOU asked for ME?

JUST REMEMBER....remember please....

remember the times when we would be together, love together, talk together and live together.... but its GONE


we reached the climax and now..... we cant go back, we cant just turn back the way life used to be ... me being bound and you being free....

this is heartfelt

we cant just continue like nothing ever happened because... it did

i think the only way i can get better is if i confess to you, i gave you glimpses but they just never seem to catch on, maybe i have to except the fact that-

i bet you dont even know that i wait by the phone for your text but i doesnt come anymore..... it never comes

your inviting eyes and warming embrace cant be forgotten...... they never will be.......

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