Only A Memory

July 24, 2012
By TheHeartRemembers BRONZE, Jefferson, Ohio
TheHeartRemembers BRONZE, Jefferson, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Do we really live in the physical world we can touch, or the world we create in ours minds?" ~Charlie from "My Sassy Girl"

I thought of my life as a puzzle
Where you were the missing piece
The oldest cliche in the book
That was our story

A crack runs through the puzzle
Making me incomplete
Slowly remove the corners
Replace them with defeat

As you work your way to the middle
You realize it won't budge
That piece is my heart
Trapped inside this love

Over and over I break away
Trying to rewrite the ending
It never seems to don on me
The use of all this pretending

I'll never forget you
Pray, you won't forget me
Now I know I'm ready
For this to be a memory

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