Where I am From

July 25, 2012
By , Henderson, NV
I come from blue skies, green grass, and cherry blossoms in the spring,
Love and neglect hand in hand with hearts fading away.
I come from a town of few, so big to me then,
Covered in a thick shroud of gray depression.
I come from the loss of many opening my eyes,
Eyes that could not see the weight of the air around me.
I come from love let down in its own liquid lies,
The blood “accidentally” shed from my limbs.
I come from near regrets that would last my near short life,
An angel bringing back my youth, my life, aspiration, love.
I come from a brand new life built by the hand of two,
The incredible changes made with two simple words.
But where I came from does not matter, the past is in the past,
The present, future, and our plans will not be limited.

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