July 25, 2012
By jar33 GOLD, Galena, Missouri
jar33 GOLD, Galena, Missouri
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"Live every day as if it was your last" and "Always have Faith in our Savior"

Everyone tells me it gets easier, that I'll forget eventually

they say the pain will go away that it won't hurt anymore

Tell me to let them go, but I'm terrified to do so

I've lost so many people around me I don't want to lose anymore

sometI'mes I feel like she has me trapped in a box

4 yeast since I've touched there beautiful souls

At tI'mes I feel like I'm not good enough like I'm a disgrace to everyone around me

I just want my mom to love me and for her to be proud of me

I try and be strong but sometI'mes it all can be to much

I've loved and Ive lost Ive helped and Ive hurt

I've cried happy tears and Ive cried sad tears

I've been ashamed and Ive been proud

Your the cloud that rained down on me no matter how good i was to you

the pain and the hurt it ain't worth it I'm gone

That was the moment you started to hate me

the moment i put me before you instead of you before me

The same moment that I left and you had to deal with everything

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