Fleeting Yet Tangible

July 25, 2012
By hoppe9596 BRONZE, Paisley, Oregon
hoppe9596 BRONZE, Paisley, Oregon
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I wake to find the coldness still

Upon my mind is bare

Beyond the grasp of mine

To feel you there

Lost within what dreams ran through

I do not remember you

Yet warmth caresses your eyes

And captures lips dry

Tempting curious meddling

Brings forth the dream to me

Could this be real I can only assume

That you wait patiently

Conceive what I cannot

Lead me through the dark

To only uncover sudden lust

For what I have forgotten

Potent is this bitterness

That I taste so sweetly

Forbidden is this substance

Cannot let go of me

Believe what is but a dream

Seem real and yet elusive

Go forth and wake inside

Intensity embers are burning

Search for you

Lavish and relinquish the hunger

That has arisen

Set free my affection

Then wake away

From a dream obliterated

Grasp what is tangible

And begin again this beloved course

The author's comments:
Inspired by a dream and yet a memory of reality.

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