you dream in black and white

July 23, 2012
By murkymurk GOLD, Miami, Florida
murkymurk GOLD, Miami, Florida
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his name was Samuel and he had hair like solid gold
shining blinding yellow hay in a mess atop his head
with the bluest eyes anyone had ever even saw
left you wondering if that speck had been your soul
cause only magic mirrors could reflect the sky like that
his lips were pink and plump and slick with spit
rough and cracked from every single toothy grin
he never shut his mouth to hide his perfect pearly whites
the cartilage had never set right when he'd fell out of that tree
and when the ruby blood was washed away he'd had a crooked nose

his name was Samuel and you remember him in colors
he's the promise of a rainbow
the world's been crying since he'd gone

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