July 21, 2012
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Behind every tear drop, there's a story.
Waiting to be told. 
There's a whole lot of emotion, someone can no longer hold. 
Every person out there, has something that makes them bring out their tears.
Weather it be love, pain, hurt or even.......fear. 

Some try to stay strong
But that may not last very long. 
Some try to pretend, what they cannot comprehend. 
Others choose to let go, and allow their tears to overflow. 

This can be something we cannot even control. ’
Tears can happen when we least expect it
I think that just might be one of their goals. 
No matter how much we may complain, tears will always be there, for many reasons.....one can't even begin to explain. 

Tears how ever can be a beautiful thing. 
They don't always have to be sad...or bad.
They can bring out a side of something or someone that we thought we would never see....tears also help set some of us free. 

There's so much power that one tear drop alone can hold.
They are bared upon every face, found in every place
Just waiting to tell a story.  
In the mean time, allowing the world to see all....of it's glory. 

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