Bright lights

July 19, 2012
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I stand in the open, while flashing lights shine on me like gold tokens beaming

in the sun would. But can I forget that my mouth and my lips have suddenly appeared chap and dry

That the windy wind roar and hurts me soar to my core till the point when I can't speak, to the point where my feet is firm but my legs don't move to the beat. You tell me.

Can I walk away from this. Like a cold cowardly father walks away from his newborn. But come every once and awhile to steel a kiss from his once lover lips. But can't look his baby in the eye to tell the young

child that it’s the father fault for the mother's crying.How she to sometimes look up at the shiny lights and force her self to sleep. The shame and the doubt of that father. Do he to look at the shiny light. Do he to

cry through the nights to compel himself to sleep.The scorn I have for that father. But the covenant I have for the mother's choice. To still have the heart and the power to put her baby in college. To guide her loving

son in the right path. To be able to let him see the bright light as well, without a father figure. Maybe I'm held by my own will.Maybe I can’t face these bright lights staring down on me. But I'm no runaway like

that father. I'm no battery that goes out when you need it the most. I am true lion. A lion that put the fear in other animals. A lion that help his cubs grow. That's who I am. These bright lights will not turn me into

something I'm not. I will overcome. And I will face these bright lights.

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