For You My Love

July 18, 2012
By mseesm123 SILVER, Lexington, Oregon
mseesm123 SILVER, Lexington, Oregon
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?The lack of hearing your voice could be,
an even stronger poison to my heart then wormwood.

?Your voice inside my ears is like forever in my hands,
priceless and yet worth the world.

?When your lips touch mine my heart stops,
not of fear but of pure happiness.

?All these words are true and just for you,
from my heart these words lead the way,
to the feeling inside I hold for you,

?I said “I like you,” I’ll say “I love you” and then I’ll say “I do.”
if we trip or skip a step I’ll fight for what is right,
and being with you feels more than right.

?Your finger tips are on my heart,
will you take it or rip it apart?
deep inside I know I will love you,
and you will love me too…
Am I right? We shall see.

? Will you ever love me or will you change your mind?
Am I falling for a heartbreak or have I found the perfect guy,
the soul that goes with mine?
My heart feels safe and content with me inside your arms,
my mind says to stay wary, but even my mind’s words slur and tong tie
from the loving look inside your eyes.
I forever hope to stay in the sweet embrace of your arms,
Safe, Warm, Happy, and Forever at Peace.

The author's comments:
This is a cluster of several different poems I wrote for the man I love when we first started dating.

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