a rushed crush

July 16, 2012
By Anonymous

i sit alone on my bed
all these thoughts go through my head
i wish the pain could just go away
why do i feel like this everyday?
i feel a tear roll down my cheek
and the springs beneath the mattress
i just want one thing
and I'm sure its not to much to ask
i just want you to love me
like you love her
but maybe it is
because you never give me a second glance
I'll never stand a chance
trying to make you notice
you are so amazing
your eyes are bright and shining
you are someone
i am nothing
i cant compete with her either
she is rich
i am not
she wears mini skirts
i wear old t shirts
she is sexy
i am not
she is popular
i will never be
i don't know why i am wasting my tI'me
but I'd be lying
if i didn't say it is love at first sight
can't you see that she is fake
behind her money, and makeup
and designer clothes and sun glasses
is what she really is
her true self
she puts you down
I've seen it
why do you stay with someone like that?
we could run away, you and me
far away, where no one else will be
if only
if only you could fall for me
i watch from the sidelines
that is all i need
i know you'll never love me
how could you?
you are Way too good for me
but a girl can dream, right?
lately that's all i have, my dreams
but i wish you could see past my looks
that i am what you need
i have a confession to make
i hope i don't sound to dumb
but i am very very sure
that you are the one
but since i will never be with you
its pointless to dream anymore
i may stop dreaming one day
and find the one for me
but as my mom used to say
don't rush your crushes
other wise it will crush you
i shake my head as i lay down on my bed
i throw your picture out of my mind
and maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight
and to you, drew
you made me stronger
its not your fault that I'm invisible
but maybe one day
one day
you'll see me
and drew, you don't know
what your missing
so I'll turn off the light
and go to sleep
and try not to dream
of you and me
but if i do
ill laugh and say
love is the most I'mportant thing,anyway

The author's comments:
this is a little something i wrote about my friend, Janie's first crush on a popular boy that went to our school. she is my best-est friend, and a wonderful, sweet, beautiful person. but sadly and obviously, she does not see herself that way.

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