The Chameleon

July 16, 2012
By Hawaiigirl GOLD, Helena, Alabama
Hawaiigirl GOLD, Helena, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
Before you complain about your life, stop and think about all the people that went to early to heaven.

You're a jock, nerd, comedian, mute
Sensitive, hard shelled, serious, a jokester.
You're my favorite comedy movie,
But you're her favorite romance story.
The colors of your skin always changing.
One minute you're this, the next you're that.
The girl's gothy so you wear black.
She's nerd, so you get glasses.
Athletics are her thing,
So you finally learn to play a sport.
But who are you really?
Behind your mask and leather skin,
How do you really feel about things?
No one knows the real you
Becasue you spend all your time putting on a show.
Maybe you're insecure,
Or you just dont know what to do.
You're afraid of being rejected,
You live for being liked.
Or maybe you've spent so much time
Being what you think everyone wants
That you've forgotten how to be yourself.
You just want to be loved...
But to be what everyone wants,
You gave up everything that's you.
So you did...
And now you're nothing.
Only what others make of you.
That's a cruel way to live.

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