Remember Me

July 16, 2012
Remember me when I have gone away
Gone far missing into the silent land
When you can no longer grasp my hand
When you can no longer casually kiss me upon my brow
The consequences you pay for now
Remember me when you do not see me day by day
Remember me when "I love you" I will never say
Our future together is nothing but dream land
Our future together is a stubborn dead end

It will be too late to counsel or pry
I am no longer here to stay
I am no longer here to fight
The tears that leave me every night
Yet if you should not recall me for awhile
And afterwards remember, do not smile
For you will forever remember me
A trace of happiness you once held will never be
And if you shod forget the smile you once had
Then you will remember me and be sad

When I am gone, my dearest
Sing no sad songs for me
Plant no roses in my remembrance
Because this day clarifies free
Something I will for eternity be
And if you droop, remember
And if you wither, never forget

I should no more notice the shadows
I should no more witness the rain
I should no more go insane
I should no more have to maintain
Yet you sing on, as if in pain
Dealing through the burning shame
I will go on existing without it
Happily I may remember it
And happily I may forget it

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